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The Greenest
Bakery In

The new 8,000m2 factory Vesta Baking Solutions in Songjiang, Shanghai, gave us a unique opportunity to pioneer new ways of baking and set new industry standards.

When we began planning the new facility, we knew that sustainability would play a major role in its design. Instead of only setting KPIs around profit, we also set them for sustainability. We knew we wanted the new factory to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) gold certified (the highest recognition in the world endorsed by the US Green Building Council), or better. We wanted to set a new standard for food factories in China, and prove that it was not only possible, but profitable.

“We wanted to plant a flag in the ground to say this is what we do and this is what we stand for,”

–Reza Cockrell, Managing Director, Pacific Tiger Group

The unique manufacturing factory was commissioned in January 2021, with every facet of its operations and processes designed and constructed with sustainability and future generations in mind.

The factory is fitted out with top-of-the-range equipment and home to a customised world-leading patented European production line. Amongst our best-in-class equipment, we are proud of our CO2 blast freezers for superior finished products, and MIWE production ovens from Germany.
The facility features specialised energy and water saving designs and uses solar energy to maximise the use of renewable energy. We have replaced traditional Freon refrigeration to reduce our waste production and are also working to further move to sustainable ingredients and raw materials to support our natural ecosystems.