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Our people
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Celebrating diversity, curiosity,
and making a difference

Our business is powered by people from all walks of life, who draw on rich industry experience, passion, and talent. We’re committed to creating a high-performing culture with motivated, authentic leaders who are sustainability minded.



Senior R&D Manager
Vesta Baking Solutions

“I love working for Vesta in Shanghai because the work combines what I am passionate about and good at, and we also we share the same values

towards food quality. Before joining Vesta, I was an artisan bakery chef and have always been passionate about French bakery and pastry. Using good quality ingredients to make excellent products was always essential for me. As a result of my culinary training and years of marketing experience I can explore ingredients and develop new products with a point of view different. I am glad that Vesta and I found each other.”


Purchasing Officer
Visco Selected Fine Foods

“I play an important part of the Visco team. The sales team count on me to have the right products in stock when their customers need them most.

I was born on a little island in the south of Brazil called Florianopolis. Florianopolis is well known for its beautiful beaches, seafood, and perfect weather conditions. I first fell in love with food in my mother’s kitchen.

My brothers and I would bring home fresh seafood caught at the local beach for Mum to make her traditional seafood feast known as a sequencia de camarao. Apetitoso (yum!) Dad worked for the first power company in Florianopolis and travelled throughout Brazil.

We would wait for Dad to return home with gifts of speciality salamis, chorizo, and cheeses he had bought from original providers on his business trips. My life changed forever one sunny day in Brazil, at the world cup football finals when I met my beautiful wife, Priscila. Priscila’s family are Italian and introduced me to a world of new cuisine. I fell in love with not only Priscila, but also pancetta, cheeses, pasta, and antipasto from all over Europe. Priscila and I shared a dream of traveling. We left our hometown to explore the world for 10 short months. 15 years later, and two beautiful children, we now call Australia home.

I am currently the Purchasing Officer for Visco Selected Fine Foods. I was very excited to be offered this opportunity as the role harnesses my passion for food and the very best quality product from around the world. I like that in my role, I play an important part of the Visco team. The sales team count on me to have the right products in stock when their customers need them most. I get out of bed every morning and smile.

We have a great team, right from our General Manager, through to our warehouse and logistics team. Everyone genuinely cares about the business and is keen to help each other succeed. I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

“We blend cultures and ideas to drive inspiration, which is at the heart of our business philosophy and success.”

– Allan MacDonald, CEO, PTG Food


We are aligned to 17 SDGs and have established specific initiatives to action our purposeful commitment to social responsibility across our diverse network of talent and companies.


– We have regular onsite visits from trained independent professional support services, as well as free and private access to counsel ling 24/7.

– We offer annual health monitoring for all staff and flu jabs.

– We run Wellbeing program that includes small things like providing free fresh fruit to staff, through to wider team initiatives raising awareness of wellbeing topics throughout the year, such as our anti-smoking policy and education on quitting smoking, Healthy Eating habits and Mental Health program.

– Regular shared meals and staff get-togethers allowing us to reflect on our successes as a team and our goals for the future.


– Access opportunities to grow through ongoing training, education and various learning experiences.


– We engage with all relevant legislation that ensures we are meeting our obligations as an Equal Opportunities Employer.

– We embrace cultural diversity and meaningful inclusion, and have over 20 cultures under one roof where we tap into each other for inspiration and collaboration.

– We focus on what gender diversity can bring to the table, with over half our senior management positions currently held by women.

– We believe that age is no barrier to success, with opportunities and roles fulfilled by those entering the job market for the first time right through to those over the age of 65.


– Vesta Baking Facility in Shanghai: We provide housing at our facility, free of charge and provide highly nutritious and quality meals. All our Vesta staff also get an individual birthday cake to take home.

– CDF network: we are amongst the top paying employers.

– We also provide food incentives to enhance standard of living and have a family bonus program in place where we help connect with families and elevate source of pride which is important part of the local culture.

– Our Wellbeing program is offered over and above statutory medical insurance.


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