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Collaborate to bring
about positive change


Leading and growing
responsible businesses

We work with partners that will inspire future generations and be effective agents for positive change. For example, we invest in healthy meat alternative solutions and future foods through cell culture and precision fermentation.

Every investment is carefully considered to ensure it aligns with our belief that businesses can be a force for positive impact.


Sandokan Corp, the Venture Company arm of PTG, identifies creative and disruptive food concepts, projects and capabilities and helps them develop through business expertise, financial assistance, and operational support.


Is a collective of like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe. As an alliance of mid-sized plant-based food brands, LiveKindly believes that plant-based alternatives have the power to make the global food system sustainable. The collective is uniquely positioned to create business impact with speed and at scale.

Avant Meats is the first cultivated meat technology company in China. It is fast becoming a global leader for cellular agriculture technology and makes it possible to eat fish meat, without killing fish. Avant’s cultivated fish products are more nutritious than conventionally produced fish, are GMO-free, and pollutant-free.

Is an animal biotechnology and genetic company based in Singapore. Based on research from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the company pioneered a cell-based technology that taps into the natural sexual plasticity of shrimp to achieve all-female populations, without the use of genetic modification, hormones or chemicals.